Quilt Appraisals

Many people wonder why they should have their antique and modern quilts appraised. “It’s just a quilt I made for my bed” or “It’s just that old thing from Great-Aunt Hattie. What could it possibly be worth?” Unfortunately, many times the quilt owner finds out too late that their quilts had more value than a blanket purchased from a local store when the quilts are damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Reasons For An Appraisal

  1. To establish a written replacement value for insurance purposes

  2. To provide protection and proof of value when the quilt is shipped to quilt shows or individuals

  3. To provide a value amount to a quilt show that requires insurance or an appraisal for their insurance coverage

  4. To determine the value for a donation, gift or estate purposes for the IRS 

  5. To purchase a “fine arts floater” insurance endorsement to your Homeowner’s Policy

  6. A thoughtful addition to a quilt given as a gift

  7. To obtain a descriptive written record and value for family records


What is included In An Appraisal

Written appraisals include a brief description of the quilt, a summary of the pattern, date made, if possible, and any noteworthy items about he quilt such as history, awards, etc. Photos should be taken of the front and back of the quilts along with any unusual details in the quilt. These should be kept in a safe place apart from the quilt.  Appraisals are considered confidential and are valid for a period of three years.

The picture below shows Marcia (center) receiving the Violet Crown Award for non-fiction at the Capitol in Austin, TX. The young lady to the left in the photo is Margot Brandt, winner of the Teddy Award for children's literature and the woman to the right is Rilla Askew, winner of the Violet Crown Award for fiction.

Marcia, at right, at a recent Quilt Identification Day sponsored by the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas.

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Marcia Kaylakie
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AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser