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 Sweet Dreams

This brand new lecture shows us the history of children's and infants quilts from the 1820s to present day along with history about the makers, the companies that made commercial quilts and  quilt designers. There is a short PowerPoint presentation and and over 15 'live' quilts of all sizes and ages along with a surprise or two to add context!  Learn how precious of children were and are theough the lens of quilting love!

Old Blocks, New Quilts (3, 4 or 6 hours)

Doris And Marcia's Dreaded Dresden Plate, started 1976, finished 2001. This quilt is the inspiration for Old Blocks New Quilt Workshop.Have some vintage or antique blocks and don't know what to do with them? In this two-part workshop, learn how to use old blocks and new fabrics to create and "Old Block New Quilt". We'll discuss testing fabrics for use, solving problems of styles, borders and backings. Bring your old blocks and work on sashing, setting and designing your quilt top.
The second section will cover ways to display single blocks or small groups using archival techniques.

Dating antique Quilts (3 hours/6 hours)

Find out what clues quilt historians and researchers use to identify and date antique quilts and fabrics. Learn about color, style and trends in quilting and how to apply them to quilts you see. Participants are invited to bring one antique quilt for identification and in the workshop.

Signature Quilt blocks (4 hours/6 hours)

In this 4 hour workshop, Marcia will teach 4 blocks: 1 appliqué and 3 pieced; one easier and one more difficult. There will also be the opportunity to look at other block patterns for possible use. Use of embellishment will be discussed as well as tried. Writing sentiments will be a part of the class based on types used in 19th and 20th century blocks.  Patterns and instructions for 4 blocks will be provided. Kits are available if desired but must be known in advance. Each kit contains patterns, instructions and fabric for 3 blocks. Cost is $6.00 per kit.


Crazy Talk: The Language of Crazy Quilts

Click on this picture to see it up closeDuring the height of the Crazy Quilt fad, young women were using symbols in both flowers and figures to convey their thoughts and wishes. Learn the language of crazy quilts and how to “read” what is written there. Marcia takes you through the history of Crazy Quilts, the latest research on them, and also the meanings of the symbols they contain. This Whoooo are you?is a mixed media presentation with PowerPoint and actual Crazy Quilts.

Find out what your Crazy Quilts is saying to you!

Two Centuries of American Quilting And History

Friendship Plume, c. 1940, Friendship Plume is pattern #59, and was created in response to the new emphasis on Hawaiian quilts and cutwork quiltsLearn how our American quilts tell us of the social, political and economic times in American history. Using quilts from her private collection, Marcia will lead you through 200 years of American quilting. Find out what the Boxer Rebellion had to do with Crazy Quilting today!  (Click here for some pictures)

Mountain Mist: The Story and The Quilts

Mountain Mist Quilts, a division of Stearns & Foster Co, patented the pattern on the wrapper and helped to standardize quilts and quiltmaking in the early part of the twentieth century. See how inventive quilters used their patterns and learn the stories
behind the quilt patterns themselves. Marcia will bring her collection of Mountain Mist quilts. Be prepared for surprises!

Care, Conservation, and Documentation

Bethlehem Star quilt, 3rd quarter 19th century, made in Florence, TX by Nancy Lindsey.Learn how to keep your treasured quilts in top shape and document them for the future. We'll discuss washing, testing colors and fabrics; quilt care and storage, and how to properly document your quilts for your future family generation.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to see the detail of a Bethlehem Star quilt, 3rd quarter 19th century, made in Florence, TX by Nancy Lindsey.

Home-Sewn Texas, Texas Quilts and Quiltmakers

cattlebrand quilt made by Frances Punchard McCullough, 1936, Huntsville, TX. This is a Texas Centennial quiltLearn the story of Texas quilts and quiltmakers as Marcia shows you quilts not seen before in the public eye. Each quilt has a unique perspective of person, place and time with facts about aspects of Texas quilting that makes it unique from other state. Find out how cotton gins, feedsacks, and cattlebrands play a role in our culture of quilting. Please make a note that this is primarily a power point slide lecture with some actual quilts.  Click on the thumbnail to the left to see a closeup of a cattlebrand quilt made by Frances Punchard McCullough, 1936, Huntsville, TX. This is a Texas Centennial quilt.  Click on the thumbnail below to see a Lone Star Quilt set against the backdrop of Blue Mountain in Ft. Davis, TX.

click on the thumbnail to see this up close

Bird's Eye View: The Judge's Perspective

Ever wonder what a judge looks for when judging a quilt show? Marcia Kaylakie gives a 1 hour entertaining program, complete with fun examples of "do's and don'ts". Learn what makes a prize winning quilt and what to look for when creating your masterpiece for the show. Actual quilts are used in the program, both modern and vintage. A Q&A session is included with the program

Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild  Springfield MOOzark Piecemakers Quilt Guild  Springfield MO

What’s In a Name: Signature Quilts

Signature quilts have been a part of American quilt history for at least 200 years. They are an enduring symbol of friendship, love and community building. In this program, Marcia will discuss the history of signature quilts, the various types, and how to begin researching names on quilts. Audience members are invited to bring one quilt for possible use in discussion. Marcia will bring her own signature quilts. Note: this is partly a PowerPoint presentation.

Marcia, at right, at a recent Quilt Identification Day sponsored by the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas.

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Quilters enjoying Marcia Kaylakies presentaion







Quilters enjoying Marcia Kaylakies presentaion

















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